About Us

The Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery (the Press Gallery) is located on the second level of the Senate side of Parliament House in Canberra. There are over 250 accredited media in the Press Gallery, consisting of mostly journalists but also camera operators, editors, photographers, technicians, administration and specialist support staff.

The environment we work in is quite unique in Australia in that employees of competing organisations work right next to one another and will often provide material for a rival. Journalists whose office is next door or across the hallway from their opposition will stand right next to each other at doorstop interviews. Camera operators will pool vision so that all networks can receive different angles of the same press conference. And where space is at a premium, photographers will give their shots to their competitors. The practice of sharing information between competing journalists has been happening since the earliest times of Federation.

There is still healthy competition and a desire for each organisation to break the big stories, but the feeling of camaraderie within the Press Gallery makes it a very enjoyable place to work. We openly acknowledge and congratulate our peers when they have written a great yarn or captured a fantastic shot.

Members of the Press Gallery typically work from before 5am to beyond midnight, recording, reporting and transmitting the stories of the nation’s Parliament and Government.